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Traveling has always been my passion.  Fortunately since selling my home near Boulder, Colorado in mid-2007 (just before the real estate crash, thank you very much), I have enjoyed a life on the road.  I’ve focused mainly on Germany, spending several months a year here (my current location) but I have also spread my time around Colorado, California, and Hong Kong.

My preference is to spend enough time in an area to really get to know it… to become a “local”.   Only in this way can one really immerse his/her self into the communities and make adopted homes.

Of course, once a traveler establishes a base, he/she can make day and weekend trips from there.  That’s the advantage of setting up shop in one place at a time.

Currently my plans are to finish out the summer of 2011 in Berlin Germany, then relocate for ten months to Xi’an China where I have accepted a teaching position at Xi’an Jiaotong University.  Stay tuned for reports coming from there.

In the mean time, please check back here regularly for my regular updates.  You can also catch my tweets on Twitter at!/coolblueice

If you have any location specific questions, please contact me through this blog.

You may also find additional information on my writing at my website:

Happy Trails, my friends!


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