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Pigeon head soup anyone?


Ok… Just a very short post today. My friend 张丽 (aka: Zhang Li, aka: Li Li, aka: Joly) invited me to the restaurant where she works today. Like so many good restaurants in Xi’an, the menu resembles a large photo album. I’m especially fond of the many cold salads and hot veggie dishes.

I’m not overly fond of the meat dishes. The fish is often a variety we seldom eat in the west (such as carp) and is riddled with bones. And the chicken… Well, let’s just say most of my expat friends simply refer to it as “Chain Saw Chicken”. (You get the picture.)

But this item on the menu takes the prize for today. It’s called “Heat Soup” but in reality is “Pigeon Head Soup”.

Anthony Bourdain (the Kitchen Confidential guy) would be turning over in his grave about now, were he already dead, accusing me of being just another squeamish American who is afraid to try any food outside our cultural comfort zone. … But I’m not you, Anthony… ok?

The bottom line is that I passed on the soup.

(Click once on a photo for a larger view… click a second time for a full-sized view.)

Pigeon heads... They're not just for breakfast anymore.

Pigeon heads… They’re not just for breakfast anymore.

That’s all for today!

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