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Springtime arrives in Xi’an


After what seemed like an eternity of cold gray days and nights, finally the first warm weekend welcomed residents in mid-March, 2012 here in Xi’an, China.

For four months, the temperature would vary slightly only between about -3C and +5C. The sun, when it did appear, was at best a faint yellow glow in the polluted sky.

So on the first warm Saturday night, following a 22C genuine sunny day, locals were out in droves at the South Gate of the Old Xi’an City wall. The atmosphere was alive with good cheer and relief that springtime had finally arrived.

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People buzz around the South Gate of the old Xi'an city wall on March 17, 2012. The mood was alive with Spring madness.

Young lovers stroll along Huan Cheng Nan Lu (South Ring Road) on the first warm Saturday night of the year (17 March, 2012), paralleling the south section of the old Xi'an city wall.

It's only the middle of March, and already the cherry trees are in bloom in Xingqinggon Park in Xi'an.

I must admit, the constant gray skies, dreary days, lack of sunshine, and cold temperatures began to have their affect on my mood…  as witnessed by my lack of blog posts.  But springtime has returned and my energy level is lifting.  You can expect more updates on springtime here in China soon.

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