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Bull-whip Toting Retirees in Xi’an China


Wow…  I can’t believe it has been six weeks since my last post.  This procrastination is going to stop!  (First thing tomorrow.)

But I digress.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve.  My friend Scarlett and I walked from the Xi’an Jiaotong University campus to the Bell Tower in the city center.  As we reached the South-West corner of the old Xi’an city wall (oldest in-tact inner-city wall in China), we came across a group of retired men getting a little exercise.  These men were using full-sized bull whips to spin large wooden tops.  It was quite a thing to witness.

(Tip:  Clicking any photo will bring up a larger version.  Clicking that version will display maximum size.)

Scarlett is an amazing young woman. She is in her second year of a Theoretical Physics program (Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, etc.) here at the university... And she's only 17 years old! Unbelievable!

We reached the South-West corner of the old city wall (oldest in China) at about 8:30 a.m. That was just in time to see a group of retied gentlemen using full-length bull whips to spin large wooden tops. Note the nice lighting on the city wall in the background.

These guys were great. I'd never seen such a thing, but I'm told this is a hobby many retired guys enjoy.

They made it look so easy... They never missed!

A careful look will reveal the whip fully extended behing his right arm.

Take a look at these guys in action in this YouTube video.

Because I borrowed (ah-hem) the music for this video, an occasional advertisement might pop-up as it plays.  If that happens, click the little “x” in the ad-box to close it.

Here's one last shot of those beautiful guard towers along the old city wall... in the early morning light.

Until next time remember…  If you are visiting Xi’an China and decided to hassle some retired guys…  don’t!  (Smile).

…  Happy Holidays!

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