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France invades Germany!!!


Well… OK, it’s actually just French cars making an appearance on the streets of Berlin today.

Here are photos of two French cars I stumbled across today in central Berlin (Mitte) near Potsdamer Platz.

The “GTbyCitroën” costs US$2 Million.  It’s a concept car which (the French claim) is powered by Fuel Cell technology.  From what I read, however, the actual car is really powered by a conventional benzine engine.

The smaller  ‘Survolt’ is 100 percent electric.  (OK…  I have to admit, I’m still a bit biased in favor of the US made Tesla Roadster –

This was probably more of a ‘publicity stunt’ than anything else, with the automobiles being delivered via truck rather than actually being driven to the on-street showing.  (That’s only my own skeptical opinion).

Still, it was fun to accidentally come across them today near Potsdamer Platz as I was cruising about on my bicycle.

By the way…  Do you see that line of bricks on the street just to the left of the first car photo?  That line extends through  much of Middle Berlin (Berlin Mitte) and marks the path of the now defunct Berlin Wall.

(Tip:  Clicking a photo will bring up a larger version.  Clicking that version will bring up maximum size.)

Later, my friends!


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