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Weekend Bike Rides


I took two nice long bike rides over the weekend, both of them starting at my home in Mahlsdorf. On Saturday I rode south to Köpenick and the nearby Müggelsee. (The largest lake in Berlin. In German ‘See’ means Lake… not Sea.)

Where the Spree River flows into the lake, the waterway narrows. At this point is a pedestrian tunnel, making it easy to cross to the other side with a bike.
Once on the other side, I followed the Spree River back to Köpenick, stopping at my favorite refreshment place “Ela’s Biergarten”, where I peacefully sipped a Berliner Kindl beer and watched the world float by on the Spree.


On Sunday, I headed North past Hönow and into the nearby countryside. I love all the scenic bike paths that crisscross the area. I rode some distance (probably 4 or 5 miles) before passing under the “Berlin Ring”, an Autobahn encircling Berlin.
After a few more miles (without map, compass, or GPS) I slowly working my way in a circle toward (what I hoped) was again Hönow. I asked directions only once from a woman riding by on here bike. I’m not sure if I really needed the help but I do enjoy asking directions in German, just for the practice. (The fact that the woman was pleasant and attractive probably didn’t hurt anything either. 😉


The road did indeed loop back to Hönow, so I completed a nice loop in about two hours. I still had not had my fill of riding (the weather was beautiful), so I just putzed around the local area, trying to piece together a map in my head for later reference.


That’s all for today!
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